Facilities Management

UFS/Eastco is one of the most experienced Facilities Management firms in the United States. UFS/Eastco provides comprehensive facilities services to deliver effective 24/7/365 programs for facility management that ensures the safe, fully functional, and cost-effective day to day operations of your properties.

Complete Facilities Management done right.

Facilities managed by UFS/Eastco benefit from our expert team of facilities managers, stationary engineers, HVAC and mechanical repair and preventive maintenance personnel.
UFS/Eastco’s facility experience includes BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Class-A commercial and Federal Government facilities as well as multiple hospitals and large clinic facilities nationally.

Operating plans for the facilities UFS/Eastco manages are specific and customized to the needs and purpose of each property. For example, in hospital environments, UFS/Eastco places significant focus on our coordination with hospital teams to ensure daily focus on the supporting operations, including procedural cleaning that prevents the spread of germs. All facilities managed by UFS/Eastco are operated according to well-developed plans for daily building operation, safety, emergency operations, and preventive maintenance and repair. Operations and Maintenance services managed and provided by UFS/Eastco include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily Operations and Preventive Maintenance
  • Statutory inspections and certifications
  • Repair management
  • Alterations and space build-out
  • Green Cleaning – custodial services
  • Interior and Grounds Maintenance
  • Operations and Tenant Services
  • Facility Security and Access Control
  • Special Event management
  • Food Services and Catering
  • Facility safety and emergency operations

As a member of the Green Building Council (GBC); UFS/Eastco incorporates Green Cleaning and Energy Savings Programs in our facility operations to ensure focus on safe, environmentally friendly, and effective cost savings strategies for the facilities we manage.

Can UFS/Eastco improve your property?

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