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UFS / Eastco

UFS / Eastco was founded in 1989. A New York corporation, UFS / Eastco has become one of the most experienced providers of full service facilities management programs across the United States. UFS / Eastco provides all of the services necessary to efficiently operate large multi-tenant or special purpose facilities. UFS / Eastco manages facilities for the Federal Government, State and local governments, and commercial facility owners.

Facilities cleaned by UFS / Eastco benefit from our expert team of facilities managers who improve daily cleanliness, while ensuring a safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient environment.

UFS / Eastco also provides experienced teams of services supervisors and personnel to manage all of your property’s cleaning needs.

UFS / Eastco’s management team understands the cleaning challenges that property owners, including governmental property owners face every day. Our programs ensure the continuity of operations for your facilities while reducing your overall cost of cleaning.

Can UFS / Eastco improve your property?

Contact us to learn more about how UFS / Eastco can improve your property’s daily operations, function and value while lowering your cost of cleaning.